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Situation: I am on a cap exempt H1 with an approved I-140 more than 180 days and I found an employer who can file my cap subject H1 this April.

1. If the cap subject H1 is approved before oct 1st, will my new employment start date be earlier than October 1st?
2. Should I have to leave my current employer as soon as the other H1 is approved?
3. What if I don’t join the new employer until I find a project with them? Meaning, can I wait until after oct 1st until I find a project with them?
4. From your previous calls, I understood that if the new H1 is not revoked until oct 1st, I don’t have to go under cap anymore. Is that still accurate? Also, can you explain about getting a new I-94?
5. Should I have to go thru the GC filing all over again? 
6. Can I start working with new employer while continuing my current employment?

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1.If you are going to completely transfer over to a cap subject H-1B from a cap exempt you are going to start on October 1st, no earlier.

2. No.

3. Do not have the employer file an H-1B unless there is a specific project. 

4.  Yes that is still accurate.

5. The answer is yes, because you are carrying your priority date forward. 

6.  If you are working for a cap exempt employer you can actually concurrently work for a cap subject employer as long as it is a concurrent H-1B. 





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