H-1B or green card misrepresentation: Legal options and consequences for fighting back against USCIS

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1. Have you taken cases of H1B or GC fraud or misrepresentation?

2. What are the consequences if caught - Just losing status and deportation? Can it lead to Jail in any case?

3. Can we fight back in court to justify our case and win against USCIS?


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Yes, our firm has taken cases involving H-1B or green card fraud or misrepresentation for about 30 years. Our focus is on employment and business-based immigration and related cases. Our firm has also assisted criminal defense teams in similar cases. If caught in a fraud or misrepresentation, the government can choose to prosecute you criminally since most immigration papers are filed under penalty of perjury. This can result in imprisonment for up to five years, as felonies are serious crimes. From an immigration perspective, a misrepresentation or fraud can lead to a permanent bar from entering the United States, causing you to lose your stay and potentially be unable to return. However, if you did not intentionally lie or the misrepresentation was immaterial, you can fight back in court by asserting defenses such as lack of intent or immateriality. For example, if a minor detail unrelated to the visa decision is misrepresented, it may not be considered material. These are some of the grounds to consider when fighting against misrepresentation. If you don't have any valid arguments, it may not be worthwhile to fight your case.

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