What are the consequences of H-1B or green card fraud or misinterpretation? How does it affect my departure, assets and financial matters?

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If I am convicted of H1B/Green Card fraud or misrepresentation, resulting in a permanent entry ban, the following inquiries arise:

How soon must I depart from the US?

What will happen to my assets, such as my house and bank account funds? Will they be subject to seizure?

Can I sell my house and withdraw the money before leaving the US?


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If you are convicted, which implies involvement in a criminal case, you will be unable to leave the U.S. without serving your sentence. If you receive a jail term of six months, one year, or five years (or any other duration), you must complete that period before departing. The timeline for your departure depends on the current status of your case. It is not advisable to stay in the U.S. illegally, considering that you are already facing the worst outcome—a permanent ban from entering the U.S. Overstaying by an additional six or eight months would result in an additional bar of three to five years on top of the existing permanent ban of three to ten years. As for your assets, unless there is some form of asset forfeiture, you can take your money and sell your house before leaving.

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