H-4 EAD Status When Moved to Different Employer

1. I have approved I-140 with company A and my wife got H-4 EAD. I am planning to move to company B. Can my current employer (Company A) revoke I-140? (I-140 has been approved for more than 6 months). If he can't revoke I-140, can my wife work on the H-4 EAD that she got based on company A's I-140?
2. If my H-1 and my wife's H-4 transferred to Company B, do I need to apply for new H-4 EAD or can she continue working on H-4 EAD from company A (that H-4 EAD still has validity)?

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1. The employer can revoke, but, USCIS says, after 180 days they will not revoke the H-4 EAD.

2. You will not need to change the H-4 EAD upon moving to any number of companies, as long as you maintain your H-1 status.

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