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I am on an F-1 visa and when I was working in a gas station I was caught for illegal distribution of cigarettes to underage. They issued a notice to attend the court. And my charge is 2927.02(B)(1) M4 under Ohio state law. I went to court, in front of a judge I plead guilty to the issue. I paid the fine on that day only. Later on, the case was shown on my SSN. Here are my questions,

1. Will it affect my OPT EAD card? Because I am going to apply in May.
2. Can I go and return from my home country?
3. In the future, do I need to face any issues regarding immigration?
4. Do I need to contact an attorney regarding this case? About any documentation.

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Talk to an immigration lawyer who does deportation work. I do not think there will be an issue, but get it confirmed. The second thing is to talk to your DSO. Disclose what happened and make sure that the continuity of two full semesters is maintained. Personally, I think you have a problem because of violation of status.

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