Name variation in diploma or degree, name change for immigration

I have BSc., [Maths] – 3 yrs degree + MSc., [Computer Science] – 2 yrs degree in India Grade A Universities and 11 years exp in IT industry applied I-140 under EB2 category. Last week I got the RFE like below. I can provide my legal name change evidence. Please see the RFE description and labor certification details below.
"Is USCIS not certain that I have met the educational requirements of the labor certification position"? I can see only one statement that "USCIS is unable to determine if the beneficiary has met the educational requirements "Once I have documentation that NEW NAME and OLD NAME are the same person, will USCIS accept my educational documents?

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Video TranscriptOne of the easiest way to remedy is to actually get a decree from the local court. You can just contact the local court system and tell them you want to do a change of name. They will typically give you some paper work to fill out and then you advertise in the newspaper and then you can show it to USCIS but of course then you have to take care of your passport, social security number. It is a little bit of a hassle but needs to be done. 

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