STEM OPT employment parameters, volunteering, part ownership, etc.

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1. Currently, I am on STEM OPT, working with my DSO-approved employer. My uncle wants to start a company and asked me for my help. So, an I help him without being an employee of his company?
2. Is active professional volunteering to a family member's company a violation of the F-1 STEM OPT status? I hold a Professional Engineer's license. If I let him use my license for his company, will that be ok under my current immigration status?
3. Can I be a partner in the company and an employee of the company if my uncle hires me as an employee?

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1.The volunteering issue is a complicated one. When you are volunteering for charitable affairs or religious matters, I don't think there is any problem. The moment it starts getting into the realm of commercial volunteering it could potentially become an issue. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) private companies cannot take free work. 

2. I personally think it is not a violation of your status.  As for using your license for his company that could become problematic because the implication is that you are working for that company now. Remember under STEM OPT you can work for multiple companies, but you have to get approval from school for that.

3.The answer is Yes.  Under OPT as well as under H-1B. As long as you have a genuine employer, employee relationship.

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