Doing business on AOS EAD and on H-4 EAD/extension

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1. I know, someone on EAD based on AOS waiting for I-485 approval must produce a valid job offer (Supplement J) during GC interview. Once the person update work status as EAD on Form I9, then the legal status will become EAD based on AOS. Can the person start a business/startup while on EAD with pending I-485? If yes, should the person notify USCIS about it? Does Form I9 need to submitted for starting/running a business/startup?

2. I know, someone on H4 EAD can he start a business? 

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1. If you are the primary applicant of an adjustment of status application you could do the business on the side, but if you take it up completely as your profession, then the job must be same or similar in other words you are trying to do your green card Supplement J through your own business if that's not your intention then you must have a full-time job and you can do the business on the side. Form I-9 is an internal form. It does not get submitted anywhere.

2. Yes he can start the business.

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