Protecting immigration status: Traveling with advance parole, divorce proceedings, and an entrepreneur on an H-1B visa

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1. I-140 didn't get approved but received a GC-EAD card approved for 2-years along with advance parole. Is it fine to travel to India for 2 months or for how long staying from the US is valid while on EAD?
2. I didn't need to worry about having a valid visa while returning to the USA, just advance parole will suffice for return?
3. Prior to getting GC-EAD I was on H4-EAD, due to family issues I may seek a divorce. Now that I have GC-EAD will divorce affect my current status or upcoming Green Card? or should I wait until the Green card is through?
4. I have been an Owner of an Inc company while on H-1 and H-4 and H-4 EAD, but I haven't taken any profits or pay-stubs, except for signing on Company Tax returns. Does this situation restrict me from getting a Green Card? or since I have already received GC-EAD under the EB3 category, should I stay positive that I will receive GC in the near future?

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1. Sure. EAD allows you to work, but advanced parole allows you to come back.
2. The law is if you return to the same job that you were doing on H-1B even though you used your advance parole you are still considered to be on H-1B.
3.  I am assuming that the green card was filed by you and not your wife so the divorce has no effect on you.
4. I do not see any obvious violation of the law. I am just suspicious of that time you were on H-4/H-1 and had your own company. The only time you are completely free is when you were on H-4 EAD.

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