H4 - EAD validation if H-1B holder moved to another company

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I have a question on EAD validity for the below scenario. <p>
H-1B holder got I140 with Employer A and applied EAD for H-4. H-4 is valid until MM-DD-YYYY 10-29-2018. Now H-1B holder moved to Another Employer B, then at this point he doesn't have Approved I-140. Will EAD which received using Employer A valid until MM-DD-YYYY 10-29-2018? I knew for renewal of current EAD after 10-29-2018, we need approved I-140, but not sure exiting EAD is valid until 10-29-2018 if H-1B holder moved to Employer B.


USCIS has said that revocation of I-140 does not automatically invalidate an approved H-4 EAD, but they reserve the right to revoke such an EAD.

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